Hello, I’m Céline Kniebihler
Freelance UX/UI Designer

I design innovative and useful products and services with people for people, focusing on making a positive impact.

The new digital textbook for students and teachers

The manuel numérique max (digital textbook) by Belin Education is a platform design for and with teachers and students where they can access the content of their traditional printed textbooks in a granular view, with new interactive ressources and features.

Learning how to save lives

Salvum is a startup in the social economy (ESS) and a serious game made for everyone to learn how to save lives by having the right reaction to respond to day-to-day accidents. Case study coming soon

Interactive and playful activities to learn to read

Transforming a renowned reading method for schoolchildren, Léo & Léa, into an interactive platform with more than 1000 activities, including a dashboard for teachers.

Autonomous and devoted robot for seniors

Cutii helps elderly people to stay connected to the world and their families through a robot with voice commands.

Personalized training platform for teachers and students

Pep’s is the first academic platform for personalized training designed for success for all students, with a particular focus on accessibility for people with dys’ conditions.

Crafting digital stories & experiences

in the hospitality industry

Eringer Hotel

Branding & webdesign, opening 2022

Les Maisons de Campagne

Responsive website, designed in a collaborative approach.

Chouchou Hôtel

A teasing website and AMP stories for the opening.

I’m part of Influence Society, a collective shaping the future of hospitality.

About Influence Society

What I do

  • Mobile-first websites
  • AMP stories
  • Branding
  • Creative workshops
  • Webflow websites

I work on products that make sense to me and always in teams with motivated people.

My favorite areas of creativity and action

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I’m based in Paris most of the time, I’m also a nomad worker.
I’ve been working with international clients.

I look forward to hear from you!

celine.knieb@gmail.com   +33 6 61 20 60 89