Hello, I’m Céline Kniebihler
Freelance UX/UI Designer

I design innovative and useful products and services with people for people, focusing on making a positive impact.

The new digital textbook for students and teachers

The manuel numérique max (digital textbook) by Belin Education is a platform design for and with teachers and students where they can access the content of their traditional printed textbooks in a granular view, with new interactive ressources and features.

An evaluation and training platform to learn basic skills

Gérip Compétences is an evaluation and training platform to learn basic skills, designed for people remote from qualification, with literacy problems or learning difficulties.

Learning how to save lives

Salvum is a startup in the social economy (ESS) and a serious game made for everyone to learn how to save lives by having the right reaction to respond to day-to-day accidents. Case study coming soon

Interactive and playful activities to learn to read

Transforming a renowned reading method for schoolchildren, Léo & Léa, into an interactive platform with more than 1000 activities, including a dashboard for teachers.

Autonomous and devoted robot for seniors

Cutii helps elderly people to stay connected to the world and their families through a robot with voice commands.

Personalized training platform for teachers and students

Pep’s is the first academic platform for personalized training designed for success for all students, with a particular focus on accessibility for people with dys’ conditions.

Crafting digital stories & experiences

in the hospitality industry

Eringer Hotel

Branding & webdesign, opening 2022

Les Maisons de Campagne

Responsive website, designed in a collaborative approach.

Chouchou Hôtel

A teasing website and AMP stories for the opening.

I’m part of Influence Society, a collective shaping the future of hospitality.

About Influence Society

What I do

  • Mobile-first websites
  • AMP stories
  • Branding
  • Creative workshops
  • Webflow websites

I work on products that make sense to me and always in teams with motivated people.

My favorite areas of creativity and action

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I’m based in Paris most of the time, I’m also a nomad worker.
I’ve been working with international clients.

I look forward to hear from you!

celine.knieb@gmail.com   +33 6 61 20 60 89