An app that lets everyday people get paid for creating social media posts for brands they like.

I’ve created the visual design of the Social Ammo iPhone app. My work was also to improve their logo, create illustrations for 20 category badges, and an app icon. The app is built in 2 parts: one for businesses and one for creators. The app is still in development.

What is the Social Ammo

The Social Ammo is a platform that allows businesses to get socially driven content from local creators & brand ambassadors.

Easy for everyone whether you are a seasoned designer or a casual camera phone user. This app allows you to make profits from your daily photos and blogs. Easily create and submit your social content to businesses locally and nationally in return for money & deals.

Icons set

Category badges

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For creators

For businesses

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The Social Ammo

My role

Art direction, interface design, illustration, logo.