A responsive website to find the daily menus in the restaurants near you, for lunch everyday.

I’ve joined Near & Fresh team (David and Nico, both developers) in 2013 as a graphic and UX/UI designer. Together we launched the new beta version of the website on desktop and mobile in 2014 with a few restaurants in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. The project is still ongoing and should return in an improved version soon.

What is Near & Fresh

Everyday at lunch, you can compare the daily specials of the restaurants near you. Customers car rate the restaurants according to 2 criteria: products freshness and service time. Comments are directly sent to the restaurant. You can also share your favorite adresses to add them to the list.

Restaurants can easily share their menu by sending a photo by email. Everyday at noon, the photo is posted on the website.


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Near & Fresh beta is online What will you eat for lunch?




Near & Fresh

My role

UX design, branding, interface design, illustration.